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Devonshire Park


Quantity surveying is the financial management of a building or civil engineering project.  We offer services for the entire construction process:

  • Feasibility and option appraisal budgeting 

  • Preliminary cost advice and project design estimates

  • Appointment of design and survey professionals

  • Cost planning including advice for investment appraisal, life cycle costing, value engineering, programming and risk analysis

  • Contract procurement and tendering procedures and strategies

  • Evaluation of tenders and negotiation of contractor appointment

  • Preparation of contract documentation

  • Cash flow forecasting, financial reporting and valuation of interim payment applications

  • Cost management and reporting during the course of a project 

  • Audit of final accounts

  • Advice for the settlement of contractual disputes.


Our approach is to be a proactive member of the project team.  We provide our clients with specialised cost advice to give them confidence in the viability, profitability and outturn cost of their projects.


Our wide range of technical knowledge enables us to balance time, quality, cost and risk, resulting in the efficient delivery of a project.

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